Energy audit of six air conditioning systems at Aiko Multi Concept

Energy audit of six air conditioning systems at Aiko Multi Concept EOOD

  • Identification of the systems ;
  • Visual verification of the systems;
  • Assessment of the maintenance of the  systems;
  • Assessment of the status of the Control and Measurement Devices and Automation ;
  • Measurement of specific parameters;
  • Assessment of the energy parameters of the systems;
  • Preparation of report.

Monitoring and verification of contract activities under procedure “Energy Efficiency and Green Economy”

Verification Assistant in cooperation with KPMG-Bulgaria under Project „Monitoring and Verification of contract activities under procedure „Energy Efficiency and Green Economy” Project  BG161PO003-5.0.01-0003 „Efficient Management  of Operational Programs „Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy” 2007 – 2013”, implemented under Axe 5 “Technical Support” of the Operational Program and co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development of European Union” and the State Budget of the Republic of Bulgaria – Contractor „General Directorate “European Funds for Competitiveness” at the Ministry of Economy

  • Verification and site visit – more than 430 contracts;
  • Update of the List of Eligible Material and Equipment(LEME);

Energy audit and preparation of passport of private house

Technical assessment of site, energy efficiency labelling and preparation of energy passport of private house

  • Site visit and data collection;
  •  Assessments of the current thermal characteristics of the house;
  • Assessment of the energy efficiency class of the building;
  • Energy efficiency labelling;
  • Preparation of energy passport of the building.

Energy analysis and assessment of industrial system at Arsenal AD

Energy analysis and assessment of industrial system at Arsenal AD – Center for Testing and European Certification EOOD

  • Assessment of the saved energy, after replacement of the existing heating installation with radiant heating – gas fired system;
  • Assessment of the saved energy, after replacement of the existing lighting, with energy efficiency lighting system;
  • Preparation of resume for energy efficiency audit of industrial enterprise.