Alexander Penchev

Alexander Penchev,
MSc, Mechanical Engineering – Heating and Ventilation

Managing Director

Expert with more than 30 years of professional experience in the field of Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES), sustainable policy and strategy.

Alexander Penchev is an expert in relation to the norms and regulations of utilization of renewable energy in Bulgaria.

Alexander Penchev is an author of more than 80 publications and scientific articles in Bulgaria and abroad. He has patents in the field of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency issued by the “Institute for Inventions and Rationalizations”.

In 1995, ESD Ltd UK won PHARE Energy Project “Technical and Economic Assessment of RES in Bulgaria” and Alexander Penchev has been invited to lead the Bulgarian team of RES experts. After the completion of the project, in cooperation with Mrs Albena Yanakieva-Andreeva and Mr Mike Bess from ESD Ltd./Camco established ESD-Bulgaria Ltd.

Alexander Penchev has provided consultancy services to the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy in   relation to the norms and regulations of utilization of renewable energy in Bulgaria.

Alexander Penchev and the ESD-Bulgaria team has successfully developed and implemented over 60 projects in the field of RES and EE under the EU funded programs  SAVE II, THERMIE B, ALTENER, IEE of the European Commission, as well as projects funded by  EBRDKfW, SenterNovem, Austrian Energy Agency , British Embassy in Sofia (Know-How Fund, DTI, DFID, DEFRA, FCO).

Alexander Penchev has wide expertise in the development and implementation of the following activities:

  • Green House Gas emissions reductions;
  • Energy audit and energy efficiency in buildings;
  • Structural evaluation of energy demand;
  • Heat storage technologies;
  • Identification and selection of RES project proposals;
  • Design of solar installations for domestic hot water;
  • Assessment of market potential and market penetration of RES;
  • Energy planning;
  • Technologies for energy utilization of biomass;
  • Norms and regulations on utilization of renewable energy resources in Bulgaria;
  • Monitoring of the operation of renewable energy systems;
  • Training in the field of RES: solar, geothermal, biomass, small HPPs, biogas, wind;
  • Training for assessment of energy potential from RES and selection of Renewable Energy Technology (RET);
  • Pre-feasibility studies, etc.


  • International Solar Energy Society (ISES);
  • Bulgarian Scientific and Technical Union;
  • Bulgarian Energy Policy Association;
  • South East Energy Institute – Greece.

Publications (selected):

  • Alexander Penchev, Arch.Anna Dobrinova and Vladimir Stariradev, “The 19th century Bulgarian house – example for energy saving, heat storage and bio climatic architecture”, Final Proceedings of the Second Workshop of the IEA in Sofia, Annex 10, 1998
  • Alexander Penchev, “Existing Barriers for the Development of Renewable Energy in Bulgaria”, Proceedings of the Second National Conference on Renewable Energy, Sofia, 1999
  • Alexander Penchev, Arch.Anna Dobrinova and Stanko Shtracov, “Solar Energy in Bulgaria” – FEMOPET Bulgaria, 2000
  • Alexander Penchev, “Market study for solar installation in Bulgaria”, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2002
  • Alexander Penchev, “Local Sustainable Energy Planning as an Instrument for Implementation of Renewable Energy Investment Projects in Bulgaria”, Proceedings of the Third National Conference on Renewable Energy, Sofia, 2003