Benefits from Renewable Energy Sources

We can help you reduce your energy costs, while preserve your comfort!

Our main objectives are: 
– Reduce energy costs;
– Increase comfort;
– Utilize renewable energy, while reducing energy dependency;

How can this be achieved: 

1. Through implementation of energy efficiency measures;
2. Utilization of renewable energy sources.

Example of energy loses

In the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, we offer the follower services: 

  • Market research;
  • Technical, economic and environmental analysis;
  • Technical and economic assessment of investment projects;
  • Formulation, feasibility studies and assessment of investment projects;
  • Energy audits and consultancy services in design and integration of energy systems, based on renewable energy technologies;
  • Assessment of renewable energy sources on national, regional and municipal levels;
  • Technical support on municipal, regional and national authorities and companies;
  • Feasibility studies, technical and economic assessments of investment projects;
  • Management of investment projects;
  • Development of municipal energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and plans;
  • Consultancy services, including monitoring and management of projects in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, funded by the Operational Programs;
  • Organization of training courses, national and international workshops;
  • Development of specialized  methodologies and software.