Consultancy Services under Operational Programs

As Verification Assistant, under Program “Energy Efficiency and Green Economy””,  we successfully verified over 400 contracts and updated the List of Eligible Material and Equipment (LEME) !

On the basis of the vast experience in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy resources and our expertise as verificator under “Energy Efficiency and Green Economy” Program, under Operational Program, we offer a wide range of technical services, namely:

  • Preliminary review of the selected energy saving measures, future plans and objectives of the Beneficiary. Site visit;
  • Assessment of eligibility of the measures and discussion of new measures, based on the interest of the Beneficiary;
  • Assessment and minimization of risk, during application process. Provision of questionnaire and preliminary eligibility assessment. Discussion of results;
  • Preparation of technical terms of reference for the suppliers, including specific energy saving indicators for achievement of maximum energy saving percentage;
  • Support in selection of suppliers;
  • Assessment of the project proposals of the suppliers;
  • Supervision and monitoring, during the development of the simplified energy audit;
  • Consultancy in selection of technical solutions and monitoring of activities;
  • Development of special software for supervision, on monthly basis, of the set in the contract, project indicators;
  • Development of written recommendations of measures, applicable in cases, when the values of the indicators are below the minimal admissible levels;
  • Supervision and support, during development of the reports and documents, related with the technical implementation of the contract;
  • Provision of technical representative, during on site project verification;
  • Other activities, required by the Beneficiary, which are in the competence of the consultant.